Organic Hemp-Derived CBD Products

We are always inspired by nature and bringing more of the outdoors into our lives which is why we are so excited to bring the Life Flower line of products to our offerings at At Home. Life Flower is a family owned and operated business located in Orange County, California. All of their products are made in small batches from natural, ethically sourced ingredients with no artificial fragrances, chemicals, or preservatives.

Like us, they believe that Mother Nature has been divinely designed with the solutions humans need to thrive and live their best and most meaningful lives. Life Flower is committed to creating synergistic and high-vibrational wellness products that improve the quality of life on all levels physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Have you had a busy summer getting too little sleep and too much running with the summer crowds? Now you can boost your immunity and say goodbye to the common cold with our organic hemp-derived CBD infused Elderberry syrup. Perfect for an everyday supplement, season change or travel time. Handcrafted with immune-boosting ingredients that work together synergistically to kick even the nastiest of colds.  200mg Pure Hemp-Derived CBD .* Life Flower makes natural and eco-friendly products for people of all ages.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Organic Hemp-derived CBD Infused Elderberry Syrup

Organic Hemp-derived CBD Infused Elderberry Syrup

8 Awesome Reasons to Love Duke Cannon Soap

We recently began carrying Duke Cannon soaps after discovering them in the Duluth Trading Co. catalog. This Chicago-based company caught our eye immediately, so we thought we would give them a try to see what our customers thought.  We are happy to report that our clientele loves these big bars of soap as much as we do.  The following is our list of reasons why.  

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A Chat with Local Artist Kris Converse

This week is all about local painter Kristia Converse. At Home has carried her paintings for the past few years now, and we cannot keep them on the walls. Though Converse does participate in a select few art fairs around the area, we are honored to be her one and only retail location.  Recently we connected with Kris to find out from her where she finds her inspiration among other things. Here is what we learned: 

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PaTS Sustainable Higuerilla Wooden Boards, Bowls and Serving Pieces

Currently at At Home, we are working to evolve our collection to include fair trade, sustainably produced, local and socially minded products whenever possible.  In the process of enriching our offerings in this way we have discovered a number of lines that we are proud to carry and share with you.

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Montes Doggett | Fine Handmade Ceramics

Today, Montes Doggett tabletop designs are handmade in Peru.  Each piece is made of the highest quality clay, which has been carefully selected from the Andes Mountains.  From here it is ground, hand thrown and hand glazed, and fired for durability.  All Montes Doggett ceramics are lead-free, dishwasher,- microwave,- oven safe, and absolutely beautiful.  

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Clean Plate Club Vegan Dinner with Epicure Catering

It's March!  And that means it's almost April, which means it's almost spring, which inches us closer to summer and warm weather collaborations like the Clean Plate Club Vegan Dinner at the Little Fleet with Epicure Catering and Cherry Basket Farm.  For this particular collaboration, we used vintage wallpaper rolls as runners down the long plank style tables. We then chose white textured pots and a combination of found and foraged greens accented with reindeer moss.  The idea was to create a simple, yet texturally interesting backdrop to allow the focus to remain on the food.  The vegan menu was a wild success and guests ooh'd and ahh'd over the decor.  

We love a good collaboration at At Home, so keep us in mind if you're hosting a party or event and would like some help styling or staging.  We're happy to lend a hand.