8 Awesome Reasons to Love Duke Cannon Soap

We recently began carrying Duke Cannon soaps after discovering them in the Duluth Trading Co. catalog. This Chicago-based company caught our eye immediately, so we thought we would give them a try to see what our customers thought.  We are happy to report that our clientele loves these big bars of soap as much as we do.  The following is our list of reasons why.  

 1. "BIG ASS BRICK OF SOAP". Duke Cannon soap is modeled after the soap used by the military during the Korean War and is 3 times larger than regular bar soap.  

2. MADE IN THE USA.  Duke Cannon soaps are produced in the same factory that supplied Korean War troops.   

3. TESTED ON BRAVO COMPANY 2-135. Not only are Duke Cannon soaps modeled after military soap, they are tested on them too, the Bravo Company 2-135 to be exact. If the Bravo 2-135 doesn't approve, it's back to the drawing board for Duke Cannon.   

4. DUKE CANNON GIVES BACK. A portion of all of the proceeds goes directly to causes to support veterans affairs. 

5. COMMANDING SCENT NAMES. Duke Cannon is a man's man, and the names of his soap reflect this.  Smells Like Victory (sea grass), Smells Like Naval Supremacy (ocean), Smells Like Accomplishment (pepper), and Smells Like Productivity (mint) set the tone for the day starting in the shower.  Also available - Heavy Duty Hand Soap with pumice (citrus) and Scent Eliminator for nabbing the big bucks.  

6. HILARIOUS CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES | NOT FOR CLOWNS. Each variety of Duke Cannon soap comes with its own associated character.  Smells like Victory offers the following character description: "He doesn't care much for small dogs, appletinis, or shows about singing and dancing.  He's not the most interesting man in the world, but he once bowled a 260.  He can fix damn near anything, and knows his way around  a grill.  He drives an American truck, played a little ball back in the 80's and talks about the good ol' days when hockey players didn't wear helmets." Each bar of Duke Cannon soaps bears a "Not for Clowns" warning.

7. HIGH QUALITY. Each bar of Duke Cannon soap is made of steel cut grains which have been triple-milled for superior quality.  

8. GREAT GIFT FOR THE MAN ON YOUR LIST.  Duke Cannon's high-quality ingredients, sexy scents, clever and humorous packaging, made in the USA | supporting US veterans soap is the perfect gift for any showering man you know.  Come on in and pick up a few bars today!